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Executive Wellness

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DARI helps you...

+ Transform a subjective experience into an objective experience.

+ Maximize your speed to volumize your work day for profitability.

+ Connect emotionally with a complex biomechanical plan.

+ Use a complete data visualization report library based on your wants and needs.

+ Create communication continuity between you and your customers with impactful corrective exercise programming.

Tracking your clients...

Michelle has decided to take her fitness to the next level.  After her DARI screen at her gym she walked away with a plan to monitor her entire body related to motion health.  From physical quality and performance related to her movement signature, as well as her body metrics and metabolic information to help guide her nutrition path forward.


Day to day Michelle can work on any area of her plan to help improve her motion health.  Finding and relying on her strengths and avoiding her weaknesses Michelle has a new life style around the way she takes care of her body.  

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For more on this case study and the DARI technology download the document here.

DARI is working with Intermountain LiVe Well center to continually build an executive wellness experience that brings the highest level of wellness care to the population.

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