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DARI helps you...

+ Transform a subjective experience into an objective experience.

+ Maximize your speed to volumize your work day for profitability.

+ Connect emotionally with a complex biomechanical plan.

+ Use a complete data visualization report library based on your wants and needs.

+ Create communication continuity between you and your customers with impactful corrective exercise programming.

Tracking your customers...

Your customer, Heather, wanted to know how she was aging in more straightforward approach.  She 'feels' no pain, but wants to make sure she is going to be able to travel around the world like she plans when she retires.

After a DARI motion health screen she found out her motion age was 7 years older than her birth age.  At this rate she had lost the quality motion years she was looking forward to later in life.  Now knowing her status, she made the right motion health changes to start improving her Motion Age.

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For more on this case study and the DARI technology download the document.

Motion age is not a medical report.  Its intention is to break down the complex world of biomechanics into something more easily understood.  With Motion Age, our goal is to make everyone more aware of their motion health..

For more on Bardavon and DARI click the logo.

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