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DARI helps you...

+ Transform a subjective experience into an objective experience.

+ Baseline your patients before they get hurt and know their unique normal.

+ Bill insurance for new codes when it is medically relevant.

+ Use a complete data visualization report library based on your wants and needs.

+ Create communication continuity between all healthcare professionals.

Tracking your patients...

Your patient, John, has been coming in regularly for his yearly physical exams.  Over the last two years using DARI you noticed his shoulder mobility was becoming restricted.  However, before pain started you were able to help John regain his shoulder mobility and activities of daily living.

All of this was made possible because you used DARI in a medical setting that tracked a person's motion health when they were not injured.  A variety of situations can use a DARI screen before someone is hurt and ultimately help chose the care pathway for that patient.

Website DARI health - Medical - Report I

For more on this case study and the DARI technology download the document here.

With a DARI system you can better manage  musculoskeletal health.  Through healthcare providers the DARI tool can help keep you healthy.

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Medical Development

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