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Activities Of Daily Living - Stand / Sit / Stand

In the world of human movement what is considered "good" movement is complicated to understand. In one instance you could measure a person's ability against a normative range, a proven goal, or a given standard. For activities of daily living we will assess movement against a given standard.

When performing a bilateral squat the goal is simple; squat as low as you can. However, in human movement what is a "good" squat depth my need to be relative to what your body is capable of, or what standards need to be met for you to complete activities you would encounter in your daily living. Lets focus on the ADLs (activities of daily living)

For example, your squat depth ability needs to be good enough get out of a seated position. The standards for a seated position can be reference again object we interact with in our daily life. A toilet, a couch, a dining chair can all be used for this reference. Additionally, toilet height can range from about 15-18 inches off the ground.

If a person can achieve a squat that allows them to get to these performance marks they have met a standard to complete that activity of daily living.

DARI can be used in this analysis to quickly determine if a person can achieve this (and other) activities we engage with daily to give us a better sense of our motion health and what we can do improve those areas related to quality of life.

To find out more about DARI ADLs please review Motion Age:



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