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Movement Review: Alignment Data - Shoulder Abduction

A movement review is an excellent touch point to see exactly what DARI can collect and to better understand its importance in your motion health!

During shoulder abduction the goal is to move your hands above your head. In everyday tasks, like picking a can of soap off the top shelf in your pantry, this movement can be useful. The trick is to be able to understand the impact of how you get your hand above your head, which is important to your motion health.

For example, when reaching your hand above your head you can perform different movements at your shoulder and elbow joint to achieve that goal. Some people will raise their arm with their shoulder directly vertical, while some people move their elbow forward in front of their face. Additionally, some will keep their elbow locked while others bend their elbow to move their hand more directly above their head.

These simple, subtle, differences can impact your joints long term health; weakening muscle and wearing joints down in areas they were not designed for. These small mishaps that result in poor alignment are the data DARI provides for evaluation.

Taking hundreds of variables related to human movement and making it actionable is how DARI provides movement insights for your health!

To find out more about DARI data regarding alignment please feel free to reach out:


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