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DARI is FDA Cleared. What Does That Mean To You?

In the world of motion health, DARI believes you should provide safe and effective information. DARI proved this by attaining FDA clearance last year. This is our commitment to you regarding our quality. If you are going to use a device to track your motion health, why wouldn't you expect that as a requirement?

DARI Health reference from the FDA:

For far too long companies that track human movement avoid any regulation. For some it is too complicated or costly and not worth the investment. While others know that their information does not meet the quality standards to pass review. In either situation, for your knowledge, remember that those companies do not prioritize their information efficacy or validation. They just want to sell you a system.

At DARI, we believe that our device should be used to track your motion health and have put in the diligent effort to be FDA cleared. We are proving to our community that we hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard; a standard that you should expect from a company tracking and monitoring your motion health.

When considering a technology for your needs look at what that company is doing to prove those points as facts, rather than just words spoken in a sales pitch.

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