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DARI QB's in the NFL - Going head to head in the NFL Divisional Round

This weekend, in the divisional round, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson will face off. Both DARI QB's are elite players and MVP candidates. What helps make them great?

Whether you are part of two teams in the college football playoff or two teams in the NFL divisional round of the playoffs. great teams and great quarterbacks are competing against each other. In those situations for this equation, DARI is the common denominator.

When you have great information paired with great coaches you get excellent results. It is a simple and straightforward concept applied in any industry. Specifically, in sport performance and evaluation. Why wouldn't you use the best objective information about your athletes?

For Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson they have used the best possible biomechanical information to create their performance profiles. The result, leading teams to victory and becoming MVP caliber players.

Good luck to both Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson!

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