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DARI's Role in University Athletic Programs

In athletic programs across the nation more and more are using technology to better understand how to physically train their athletes or monitor their health status. Over the past few years DARI has been gaining traction.

Top programs are committing to technologies that are more technical. In the recent past some devices were chosen that appeared to be easy and simple, but never delivered useful information. Ultimately, programs were sacrificing quality for ease and they were finding this out after committing to costly contracts.

As programs ascend the technology ladder to more valuable technologies they are finding DARI as the middle ground. Our "goldilocks" approach is what gives us so much extra value. With DARI you get ease and scale without sacrificing quality.

For a university athletic program it means the world to be able to accurately and confidently screen all of their student athletes. Yes - ALL student athletes, (this can range from 300 to 500 students) and gather full biomechanical profiles for their students.

Here are 3 facts of what you get from a DARI screen at a university athletic program:

1- Healthy Baselines : The simple fact of having a healthy baseline of an athlete's complete biomechanical signature is key to their recovery if they were ever injured. This simple 5 minute test reduces the chance of an injury being "career ending".

2- Better Recruits : With a biomechanical test you can more accurately select athletes that meet your program's physical needs. Find the diamonds in the rough and know about physical problems before they show up to the first practice, maximizing your teams athleticism.

3- Reduced Injuries : With a DARI screen you can understand the complicated biomechanical changes that take place (compensations) that the naked eye often misses. DARI allows for interventions before pain is present.

DARI allows university athletic programs to better track all their athletes motion health and gives insightful information to modify programs and build champions.



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