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Feature Friday! What applications are offered inside of DARI's software?

Tracking a person's motion health through DARI is a journey, not just a test. So often we start at the first report and work through what it means for your work today. However, in an optimal setting DARI can and should be used to screen a person multiple times documenting a person's progression through their motion health. A life time of screens and analyses. All of this is possible with DARI's longitudinal analysis.

When a person has multiple screens you can work through the DARI connect software to produce reporting on data across different time windows and other qualifying measurables. In the example provided, you can review a how a person progressively recovered from left knee surgery.

Longitudinal analysis is at the heart of motion health and the DARI solutions.

All of this is currently available through DARI Motion.

For more on DARI's longitudinal reporting contact:



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