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How Do You Capture Kinetics Without Force Plates?

In biomechanical data, there are a variety of devices to help track human movement. The two that are most common are motion capture and force plates. Motion capture tracks the kinematic variables of human movement, like distances and angles, and force plates track the kinetic variables of human movement, like force.

DARI has a patented way to collect both kinematic and kinetic data with only motion capture technology!

This is done through forward simulation modeling using the tracking position of body segments and mass distribution techniques. This, culminated with the appropriate filter technique, makes this open kinetic force model possible.

DARI has validated their model against force plates and has shown no significant difference in force magnitudes. Utilizing this model, DARI offers synchronized kinematics and kinetics for human movement and adops standardized inverse dynamic models for joint torques.

DARI Kinetic Validation Paper
Download PDF • 586KB


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