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How much space do I need for a DARI Motion system?

In this post we will review the possible room sizes and spaces for a DARI motion system. The quick answer is -- it depends on your needs! From an exam room to a basketball court and everything in between.

One of the early questions when people are interested in DARI is what are the space requirements? Our answer is based on your needs. We have a variety of set-ups from permanent to mobile. Answers to the following questions will help determine what solution fits your needs.

1- Do you want to have the system capturing at a moments notice? Will you use it daily?

2- How many people are you screening in a day? 25, 50, 75?

3- Are you planning on capturing functional, athletic, or sport specific movements?

From there, we work to customize your solution... anything from an 8ft x 8ft space (small room) to a 50ft x 50ft sports arena.

We are ready to accommodate your movement and space needs!



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