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Motion Capture workflow. Then and now!

DARI has the scientifically validated patent to produce ground reaction force (GRF) without the use of a force plate.

Workflow efficiency is crucial for a technology to generate revenue. Scalability hits the upper limit very quickly with marker based motion analysis. The time it takes to place markers accurately on a person, not to mention the irritation of wearing dozens of markers, means only one person can reasonably be analyzed per hour.

Then you have the data crunching… most motion capture technologies then take anywhere from 1-7 days to provide results. That time differential between scan and reviewing data is not acceptable in an industry where patient’s livelihood is at stake. These days of waiting could be the difference in a player getting hurt, a patient being released back to sport, or an orthopedic surgeon scheduling a total hip replacement.

Markerless motion capture paired with the cloud processing speed of DARI Motion has a set up time of 3 seconds between subjects. A scan only takes as long as the subject takes to perform the desired movements, then the data is processed immediately at the conclusion of the session. Within 20-30 seconds from the last movement, the provider has reports available for review and to action immediately within the subject’s same time slot. Rinse and repeat over the course of an hour and a DARI system can analyze 5-12 subjects in an hour.

How’s that for revenue generating scalability?



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