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Movement Review: Kinetic Data - Vertical Jump

A movement review is an excellent touch point to see exactly what DARI can collect and to better understand its importance in your motion health!

During a vertical jump you can review a variety of information. It is one of the most researched and data driven movements in human performance. One of those subsets of information is kinetics.

WIth a DARI system you will have access to force magnitudes inside our force plate simulator. As long as the person is captured in the motion systems volume you will have signals for both legs. It is like having 50-100 force plates in your space.

From this synchronized kinematic and kinetic data DARI will provide inverse dynamics results for you to review. Joint torques represented as percentage of body weight are ready for your analysis.

You can review both takeoff and landing mechanics related to force production and joint stress with a DARI system!

Kinetics can be the most important information when reviewing a vertical jump. You can find this information and more inside DARI.

To go deeper, DARI is always looking at new ways to review kinetics. From force, torques, and impulses. Our goal is to provide the most relevant kinetic information for your review.

To find out more about DARI data regarding kinetics please feel free to reach out:


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