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Movement Review: Lateral Bound

A movement review is an excellent touch point to see exactly what DARI can collect and to better understand its importance in your motion health!

The lateral bound is one of the most complex movements in a screen. Let's review why it is so complex and why it is needed in your movement screen.

1- The dynamic nature of the movement stresses the body in multiple planes. This will identify a weak link if it exists, better than a sagittal plane movement.

2- Lower body injuries (especially at the knee) often occur during this style of movement. The more you can control and move appropriately through this movement, it will result in lowering your injury risk.

3- Confidence is the key to movement success. Working through this complex movement in a controlled setting will help set the stage for a confident return to sport or activity.

Lateral bound is a movement we should all include in our movement screening!


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