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Movement Review: Multi Hop

A movement review is an excellent touch point to see exactly what DARI can collect and to better understand its importance in your motion health!

The single leg multi hop is a great movement to test both power and elasticity. When instructing this movement we often use the phrase "the floor is lava" to get subjects to spring as high and as quick as they can.

A unique data point that is presented with this movement is flight-to-contact ratio. Meaning the average ratio of how much time was spent in the air versus on the ground during multiple, consecutive hops. Ideally, a springy athlete or jumper will want the ratio to be greater than 1. If true, then the subject spent more time in the air (in flight) than they did in contact with the ground landing and loading for the next jump.

The single leg multi hop takes a little more athleticism and physical ability so you will find it in many protocols for high performing individuals!


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