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ProTeam Tactical Helping Firefighters Stay Ahead of Injury

Former Super Bowl Champion, Jim Sorgi, and former St. Louis Cardinals right fielder Joey Vandever, are using DARI to prevent injuries in active duty firefighters.


“Firefighters put their lives on the line for us every day.  It’s an honor to work side by side with these heroes and give them the quality care they deserve through a comprehensive wellness program,” Jim Sorgi, co-owner of ProTeam Tactical Performance, said.

This proactive approach with DARI Motion will give ProTeam Tactical Performance a better understanding of each firefighter’s physical abilities and well-being, allowing them to provide the comprehensive solutions first responders need to improve performance, stay healthy and remain injury free.

“Looking for what could cause an injury before it happens is not how injuries are typically treated,” ProTeam Tactical Performance Director of Operations Tim Drudge said.  “By analyzing the movements of these men and women in less than ten minutes, we can help prevent an injury that could keep them off the job.”


We are thrilled to be the technology behind ProTeam Tactical in their effort to keep our first responders healthy!


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