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PT's are using DARI to make sure no issues go uncovered

PT's are using DARI to uncover and address issues outside of the compromised joint to ensure their patient's don't return to therapy due to underlying compensation patterns or other joint immobilities.

No matter what joint a patient has an injury at or pain, it is critical to evaluate the whole body. The problem with this is in order to evaluate all major joints on a patient, it usually takes far too much time than a typical visit allows. With the DARI system you are able to evaluate how every joint is performing and how it is working in tandem with other joints. Therefore, it is easy and efficient to identify compensation patterns that may not have been discovered otherwise.

Read how a physical therapist in Texas used DARI to identify other susceptibilities in a pitcher's body post-labrum repair to ensure he "is more protected when he is able to return to pitching".


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