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Spine Mobility - Improving Spine Function Often Goes Over Looked.

In a biomechanical review, spine mobility is all too important and is often overlooked. Focus can be easily made on the lower or upper body joints like the shoulders or the knees. However, most injuries impacting those joints can be traced back to the spine.

With a DARI system you have the ability to track spine mobility in all primary planes of movement. This variety gives you a perfect picture of what the spine can do and how it is impacting the hips and shoulder accordingly.

Noted in our firefighter population, the spine (low back pain) is a leader in MSK injuries and is a cause to lost productivity.

Checking your spine mobility regularly is a key way for you to maintain great motion health! Using DARI for a baseline and progressive monitoring will help you avoid those nagging back pains as you age.

To find out more about DARI spine tracking please feel free to reach out:


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