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What is Joint Vulnerability?

A joint level biomechanical evaluation for normative data comparison.

The name of the report is ‘Joint Vulnerability’ this refers to the injury risk a subject might be exposed to at a specific joint. The less mobility and/or the less aligned the joint shows the more vulnerable the joint would be.

This report demonstrates the quality and performance of each joint evaluated during the scan at a quick glance. It provides a unilateral joint by joint assessment of soft tissue vulnerability and is the centerpiece for conversation between the expert and the subject.

It can be understood and interpreted by anyone -- the athlete, patient, therapist, doctor, tech, etc by following the color progression -- red light - stop, yellow - slow, green - go! And lastly, Blue… being exceptional!

It is great for the subject to take home and have a high level review of how they performed in their DARI scan without needing to interpret raw numbers and data, DARI will do that for you!

This report does not require a certain protocol or amount of movements, it is produced for any custom protocol or from the Unified Report Suite Template.



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