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What is SAGE?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

An environment where both video and data are synchronized. Providing clinical users a quick and straightforward path to documenting their thoughts.

SAGE means, “Synchronized Annotation GEnerator”. It is a software that allows you, the end user, the ability to interact with biomechanical movement data and video at the same time. As a user you have the ability to “jump” to a specific measurement in time or playback an entire movement frame by frame to find the point in time and data you want to make your notes.

When you want to make a comment and deliver an explanation or recommendation, SAGE has the ability for you to isolate out; pictures from video, data from reports, and comments. Helping illustrate what the problem is and what your plan is to fix it.

The goal of SAGE is to create an environment that allows you to quickly and easily review human movement data and document your philosophy regarding an action plan.

With our unified report suite at your fingertips, you will have excellent resources inside SAGE at your disposal to apply your biomechanical knowledge and expertise.



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