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Functional & Sport Specific at 240Hz

Functional and sport specific evaluation in one technology.  Never compromise.

After evaluating the ASMI BioPitch information that presents both functional ability and pitching mechanics, you are able to clearly design the best path to improve your pitchers performance and reduce their injury risk like never before.

In as little as 15 seconds of processing you can have access to ASMI logic for evaluating a pitcher.  This world class evaluation is something you can have accessible at your facility now, rather than having to send athletes to the ASMI facility.

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Are you at risk for Tommy John

Through the BioPitch evaluation you will have direct access to an ASMI consult to help determine your risk and mitigation strategies.

DARI is working with the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) and director Dr. Glenn Fleisig to bring markerless motion capture to the front lines of pitching analysis. 

ASMI and DARI are currently offering a joint collaboration product called BioPitch where the ASMI baseball pitching logic is fused with DARI sports technology.  This is the only offering of its kind.

"I have been waiting 10 years for this!" 

-Dr. Glenn Fleisig

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