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Workers' Compensation

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DARI helps you...

+ Transform a subjective experience into an objective experience.

+ Baseline your patients before they get hurt and know their unique normal.

+ Bill insurance for new codes when it is medically relevant

+ Use a complete data visualization report library based on your wants and needs.

+ Create communication continuity between all healthcare professionals.

Tracking your patients...

Your patient, Jacob, has recently had a torn rotator cuff on the job.  You were smart to first collect a healthy baseline on Jacob's motion health before he started work.  Now you have an exact baseline to compare Jacob to so that you can better understand his return to work status.  Making sure he returns to work when he is ready.

From job analysis to POETs, DARI gives you insightful information that can be used in a variety of different ways.  Our goal is to make sure we keep employees at work and always comparing each person to themselves for return to work criteria. 

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For more on this case study and the DARI technology download the document.

With a DARI system you can better manage your musculoskeletal spend and work to reduce that cost.  Through better testing you can have more accurate accountability. 

Work Place Wellness Development

For more on Bardavon and DARI click the logo.

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