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Motion Health

Transforming the world of

Learn more about our products across the Wellness spectrum


DARI offers a solution for tracking individuals as they age, redefining what it means to have better quality years later in life.

Executive Wellness

Improving your fitness goals starts with knowing your readiness for exercise.  DARI offers a unique fitness progression for your needs!

Employee Wellness

DARI offers employers an accurate tool to help reduce MSK spend and keep employees healthier and at work.


From our first responders to our military, better defining "fit for duty" is key to helping keep everyone safe.

Come join the movement of movement and explore how movement was meant to be - without limitations

With DARI you have access to insights from the largest database of human movement.  This allows you the opportunity to better understand your specific population in full biomechanical detail without the complication from traditional methods when gathering this information. 

In less than 5 minutes you can have all of your data collected, processed, reviewed and actions steps delivered.


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The product offering from DARI Move is a wellness solution that captures a person's readiness for work or activity.  This provides a health team insights on high-risk populations and mitigation strategies.

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Readiness is how DARI defines workplace wellness, regardless of if you were just hired or returning from an injury.  Focus on keeping people on the job.

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Cerner shows how the application of the DARI program can reduce MSK spend up to 20%, saving employers millions.

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Joint Vulnerability or impairment is the fastest way to identify a potential problem before pain starts.

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Vulnerability And Impairment

With DARI you have a complete tool for evaluating the vulnerability of each joint.  From directly traceable measurements and  models to captured video, this is transforming motion health! 

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