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A system that can capture an athlete's sport specific movement at high speed and provide performance insights is the DARI difference.



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At Your Best



Why Choose DARI Performance?

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A system designed to help athletes PERFORM at their best.  With DARI you can combine the information of functional and sport specific screening.  This creates the best data set to manage all of your athlete's performance needs, ultimately connecting and fulfilling an athlete's potential.
+ Functional & Sport Specific Testing at High Speed
+ Scientifically validated kinematics and kinetics.
+ Longitudinal tracking analysis for athlete progression
+ Cloud based management for electronic accessiblity
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Zero Set Up Time
Simple Collection
Automated Calculations
Premium Data
Decision Support
Improved Outcomes

Athlete Outcome Case Study

Follow an athlete's motion health journey as they progress through training
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Mark's Motion Health Journey

With DARI Motion

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Baseball Pitcher

Mark has been using DARI Motion through his development to improve his pitching performance.   Work through his experience in detail.

Applications For...

+ Baseball Pitching and Tommy John Risk
+ Quarterback Throwing
+ Game Day Readiness
+ Biomechanical Baselining

Every Screen Creates A Confidence Opportunity

For more information on our sport specific solution  contact us directly.  We will provide you with information to better understand your opportunity with a DARI Motion system.
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Validated High Speed Data 

ASMI and DARI Motion spent over a year perfecting the data signals
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"I have been waiting for this for 10 years!"

Dr. Glenn Fleisig

Data was collected on over 100 pitches at ASMI using a high speed marker system and a high speed DARI Motion system.  The goal was to better understand the similarities and differences between the systems.  The result are clear.  Both systems show strong agreement.
Download the full white paper below.
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Performance Workflow 

A workflow that matches the speed of your sport.
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Tel. 913-954-8600

Support. 888-327-4435

8912 Nieman Road 
Overland Park, KS 66214

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