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Technology Designed

For Efficiency

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In just 5 minutes you can capture a full biomechanical profile of human movement and have access to all the data models, insights, and raw data remotely through the cloud.

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A Process Made


With Software

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DARI provide an automated platform that will analyze your patients motion health data and suggest insights for you to action accurate information faster. 

Giving you time back!

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48 Billion: Stored Data Points

1.2 Million: Movement File Database

800k: Data Points Collected Per Session

750: Data Points With Normative References Reported

8: Human Movement Biometric Categories

1: Your Unique Motion Health Status

Hip Flexion - 72°

Knee Valgus - 15°

Squat Depth - 8 inches

Below is a list of of specific software that has been built to help improve the DARI Motion experience.  Depending on your application different softwares can be collectively connected to create a solution specific for your needs.  Review in more detail each softwares uses and contact us about billing your perfect system.

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+ Session manager - Allows you to keep track of each subject's captured data.

+ Create custom fields to help allow you to better define your population.

+ Asynchronous session creation allows you to optimize your workflow. 

+ Processing portal - Allows you direct access to DARI's processing engine.

+ Web portal - Allows access to your data anywhere in the world.

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+ Skeleton acquisition in less than 5 seconds.

+ A Standardized skeleton to remove human error and increase repeatability.

+ Fully body kinematic and kinetics.  Always.

+ Protocol design and implementation.  Only collect what you need.

+ Researched and 3rd party validated.



+ Biomechanical Archiving and Communication System (BACS)

+ Rapid clinical documentation.  Determine medical necessity in seconds. 

+ "One click" annotations to help reduce your documentation time.

+ Free form documentation to tell your perfect story about the patient.

+ Synchronized video and data to deliver the most clear message.

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+ Cloud based processing, storage, and access.

+ Processing data in 20 seconds.  WIth our patente process.

World's largest database of human movement with over 1 million files.

Accessibility to your data anywhere in the world.

+ FDA Cleared.

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Automated Data Analytics for Movement (ADAM)

Normative analysis from the worlds largest database of human movement.

+ The most repeatable joint and whole body data metrics for motion capture.

+ Insight action steps for improving motion health.

Biometric models: Motion age, Athleticism, and Readiness.

+ Longitudinal tracking and progression analysis.



Tel. 913-954-8600

Support. 888-327-4435

8912 Nieman Road 
Overland Park, KS 66214

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